Money Memories: How your first memory of money shapes your daily life

February 2019 Campfire

Instructed by Jennifer Van Dijk

Length: 90 minutes

Format: video call

Skill Level: all levels

Course Description

Money Memories: How your first memory of money shapes your daily life.

In this session, we will explore your first memory of money. After a brief visualization exercise, you will be invited to unwrap your first money memory; peeling back the layers of it and reflect on how it imprinted upon you. It is about opening yourself up to how you can view the memory in a different light. It might just change how you view money and even how you walk through the world

What are the requirements?

Curiosity and interested in learning more

What am I going to get from this course?


Our facilitator for the course is Jennifer Newsom Van Dijk. She is an accountant, mama, puzzler, entrepreneur, yogi, speaker, teacher, curiosity & beauty seeker. She works with women to identify the gaps in their financial processes and bring a robust structure to their systems around money.

She believes it is about having a sounding board and analytical tools when you are deciding the next right step for you. She wants to help women - herself, her daughters, and female entrepreneurs - to shift the power dynamic in their lives through financial education and independence.

Who is this course for?

She Dares members

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