Intuition: An Untapped Tool for Creativity

Length: 90 minutes

Format: video call

Skill Level: all levels

Course Description

Intuition can be a great tool to use when looking to further develop your creativity and infuse soul into your work. Do you know how to access yours? It’s an important gateway to conscious creativity as it provides immediate and direct information without reasoning. This is the same as accessing your gut instinct or when you know something but are not necessarily sure of how/why you know it. In your work/life, you may have experienced intuition but didn’t know consciously that it was guiding your process.

It’s the same as an “aha” moment” - so what if you could access more “aha” moments and infuse them into your writing? Intuition can bring deeper creativity and meaningful insights to your project - beyond what your rational mind can generate. This could be what helps make you stand out from the pack.

What are the requirements?

This Campfire is ideally for anyone working on a new project. Be it a book, business, new endeavor or personal challenge.

What am I going to get from this course?

Serin Silva is our facilitator for this "INTUITION: AN UNTAPPED TOOL FOR CREATIVITY" Campfire.

Serin helps clients move their greatest obstacles. Whether it is a life change, a challenge in career or relationships or identifying one’s true purpose, Serin brings multi-dimensional talent to help people make master shifts. She helps people be who they are meant to be and achieve what they want. The world is truly enriched when people discover their true purpose. Most importantly, when people listen to their inner knowing and wisdom is when they are able to unlock the most amazing shifts and outcomes.

Serin guides that process -- and it's different each time, tailored to where the person is on their path. Prior to founding Ripe, Serin headed marketing at Hearst Corporation (iCrossing), where she was responsible for brand-building and revenue for Williams-Sonoma, Pottery Barn, West Elm, Chevron, and Petsmart. She drove solutions for Hearst’s most challenging situations by clarifying complexity, creating key strategies and driving deep collaboration with teams. She believes a dash of humor can be infused into nearly every situation.

You can find her work on

Other channels to find and connect with her:
Facebook: Ripe Strategy Coaching

Who is this course for?

She Dares members

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