Learn to listen to the voice of your intuition

May 2019 Campfire

Length: 90 minutes

Format: video call

Skill Level: all levels

Course Description

Would you like to learn how to listen to the voice of your intuition? And reap the benefits of it? Enjoy more ease, focus, energy, fun and success?

Listening to your intuition will help you make decisions and deal with your environment more easily.

All the answers are within you. The techniques and ways to gain easy access to it are not complex. But it takes time, perseverance and practice. Because of the voices in your head, patterns and other distractions.

What are the requirements?

Curiosity, willingness to share and listen, enthusiasm to be a part of the women's circle. Experience in meditation or visualisation is not needed.

What am I going to get from this course?


Our facilitator for the course is Nathasja Gootjes. She is 45, a mother of a 13 year old son, a down to earth empath and energy guide living in Amsterdam. Her mission is to help you to truly be yourself and share your gold with the world.

Working with her means you will experience trust, ease, transformation and self acceptance.

How she works? She gives you tools and guides you into connecting with the wisdom of your body and work with your own energy. Her energy grounds, calms and offers safety & healing. And it is a Catalyst for your transformation.

You can find out more about Nathasja on: http://www.helderheid-coaching.nl

Who is this course for?

She Dares members

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